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Child support payments are valuable to the upbringing of your children. Whether you are receiving child support payments or have been ordered to pay child support, it is important that the payment amounts reflect the reality of your individual circumstances. The child support attorneys at the Morrison Law Firm have the legal experience to advocate for your interests in various child support actions.

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Washington Child Support Laws

Child support is determined based upon the income of both parents and the number of children. Although the basic obligation is determined by a uniform schedule, an experienced attorney can advocate for flexibility.

At the Morrison Law Firm, we assist clients with determining the variables that may influence child support payments, such as:

  • What is considered income?
  • Is there income from other real estate or cash employment?
  • What is the cost of daycare?
  • What is the cost of dental and medical insurance?
  • Who is contributing to health insurance?
  • Is child support paid on behalf children from a different relationship?
  • Are there unique circumstances that justify a variation for the uniform schedule?

Experienced Child Support Guidance

Regardless of whether a parenting plan has awarded you primary custody or visitation time, it is important to discuss your case with a knowledgeable family lawyer who has thorough understanding of child support laws. In addition to facilitating initial child support orders, we also manage child support enforcements and modifications.

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