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Premarital, Joint Property, and Cohabitation Agreements

A premarital agreement or joint property agreement can be an effective tool to protect your property rights, the interests of your children, and other legal rights in the event of death or separation. However, a prenuptial agreement is not necessary for every couple. Family law attorney Don Morrison can work with you to evaluate your circumstances and determine if a prenuptial agreement is an appropriate option for you.

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Prenuptial Contracts -- When is it Necessary?

A prenuptial agreement or cohabitation agreement may be necessary if there is you have substantial assets that require protection. The creation of a premarital agreement does not mean that you do not love or trust your spouse or partner. The creation of the contract facilitates an open, honest relationship while ensuring the protection of your families and your future. Potential reasons for a prenuptial agreement may include:

  • Sizeable assets of one party or both
  • Protection of a family business
  • Substantial business interests
  • Addressing estate planning issues for children from a previous relationship
  • Protection of children with special needs due to illness or disability
  • Establishing legal rights and estate planning issues for gay or lesbian couples

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With over 15 years of diverse business and contract negotiation experience with a family law focus, we are able to easily grasp and understand complex issues that may arise when considering how best to protect your legal right. We work with you to negotiate, evaluate, and draft a fair agreement that protects your rights and future.

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