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Washington Divorce and Property Division


When considerable assets are involved, divorce and the resulting property division concerns can cause strain and anxiety. Could interest be lost in a business? How is debt allocated? How can investments be protected? At the Morrison Law Firm, we offer more than 15 years of family law experience and can help you through this difficult period.

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Protecting your Property Rights and Business Interests

We have extensive experience handling commercial real estate issues, family business valuations, and other business matters. Therefore, we understand the intricate issues involved when a couple has significant assets to divide or protect, such as:

  • Business interests
  • Family business
  • Pensions
  • Retirement benefits
  • Investments
  • Professional practices

Property Division in Washington

Under Washingtons community property laws, property acquired by the labor of either of the parties during the marriage is divided equally between spouses. The Washington courts have discretion in awarding the property, both community and separate, equitably between the spouse. At the Morrison Law Firm, we have vast experience evaluating and tracing income from property. We are skilled at pursuing a marital property division that fully protects your interests.

Separate property may include inheritance, property acquired prior to the marriage, and other property or assets kept separate during the marriage. As an experienced divorce attorney, Don Morrison can help you evaluate what property may be considered separate property and help you protect that property. Conversely, he also can advocate why certain property should not be considered separate and should be subject to division.

Serving Your Needs since 1990

We understand the sensitive concerns of losing hard earned funds or interests in a family business through a divorce. We have extensive knowledge of property division laws and how to overcome the challenges to ensure your rights and interests are protected.

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