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Financial concerns may arise following marital separation. Suddenly, there may be concerns about managing a mortgage payment, a car payment, and other bills without the support of a spouse. The divorce attorneys at the Morrison Law Firm represent clients in pursuing maintenance or defending against requests for support.

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Washington Spousal Maintenance Guidelines

In Washington, there are no set guidelines for awarding spousal support or maintenance. Unless agreed upon by the parties, awarding maintenance is largely in the discretion of the divorce court judge. As experienced family law attorneys, we can illustrate an individual's need or lack of need for support to the court.

  • Is maintenance necessary to alleviate hardship?
  • Was one spouse working at a lower income during the marriage?
  • Was one spouse a primary caregiver or homemaker?
  • Is it necessary to rehabilitate one spouse until they begin working full-time?
  • Is completion of higher education necessary?
  • Did one spouse contribute less financially to a marriage than the other?

Temporary Spousal Maintenance Orders

Spousal maintenance issues might dissipate following a divorce decree because property division may equalize the difference in income between the parties. However, when this is not the case, we can assist clients wishing to either pursue or resist long-term spousal maintenance orders.

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